Masters Thesis Log #1

Darshan H.
1 min readApr 1, 2021

In the last session, I soon discovered the importance of gathering papers and refining my research question over understanding the underlying structure of the literature review. Sample literature reviews didn’t seem to share structural breakdowns/patterns. The samples are similar to each other in that they initially explain background concepts that are important to the thesis. Often there are many concepts that are linked so it’s necessary to narrow the list of relevant literature and concepts that I want to talk about.

The goal is to understand the theory of Neural ODEs and Generative Models + the current work behind both areas to the point where I can formulate research questions that are reasonable to pursue and add novelty and value to the conversation. I only have a few weeks eek.

Thursday 01/04/2021
Research: Understand the intuition behind residual neural networks. Understand the connection between Neural ODEs to ResNets. Explore how Neural ODEs connect with Generative Models. Explore the advantages and disadvantages of Neural ODEs as compared to ResNets.

Write: Section the Literature Review according to the new paradigm of the structure mentioned above.